Welcome to Paul Barry Music. I'm am entertainer and have had a long successful career as a lead singer fronting my own 7 piece show band Barry's Truckers out of Milwaukee WI.  I've recently relocated to Florida were I continue to perform and record. Please check out all the different pages, take some time to look around and listen to some of the music. Hopefully you may find something you like.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions you might have.

Brand New CD 

I've just completed a brand new CD. It's Paul Barry and the Del Reys Volume II. I was reunited with Ryan Rossebo, the original guitarist on the first Del Reys CD. He has relocated to Nashville where he has set up his own recording studio and production facility. Through his contacts he was able to set us up a great rhythm section of Steve Brewster on drums and Matt Peirson on bass. The bed tracks were recorded Brewbeat Studio and StudioRed in Nashville and the vocals were recorded at PAB studios in Lady Lake Florida. The final mixing and mastering where done at DNA Digital Systems by Dave Neitzke in Milwaukee WI. We had a great time recording this kickin' little rock and roll CD. 
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Please check the Trade Review Share Button. I love straight ahead simple rock and roll with catchy hooks and harmonies. Check out Paul Barry and the Del Reys Vol. II to see what I mean.  Do you know any bands that play this kind of music? Let me know.  Does your band play this style? Want to trade CDs? Anything that you want me to share and possibly include a audio sample? I'm always on the look out for great rock and roll and 60's style pop. Here's some groups I like: Cigar Store Indians, Webb Wilder, Walter Clevenger, and Two Tons Steel.  Let's spread the word on this type of music.

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Make sure you check out all of my recording groups. Most of my career was spend performing with my oldies band Barry's Truckers. But I've had a lot of side projects that have generated some interesting music. So please check out my other groups:
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