Paul Barry Music

Welcome to my site Paul Barry Music. 

 I've been performing since 1964 and I've always been a rock and roller. I was a lead singer/frontman my own band Barry's Truckers for 36 years.

 I'm going to try keep this short. I'm a mid-western boy  and I was born and raised in Kenosha WI. I first started playing when I went away to college. I got into a band as a drummer/singer and we called ourselves the Benders. We played bars and college parties. In 1966 we traveled to a little recording studio in Wausau WI were we recorded two of our original compositions. The songs were Can't Tame Me and Got Me Down. We made 45 with a picture sleeve and distributed most of them around our college campus. We thought was the end of the story for our little 45 but it wasn't. Years and I mean years later, our 45 became favorite of record collectors around the world. Copies have sold for as much as $2000 dollars on eBay. Go figure.

After graduation from college the band split up and I moved to a suburb of Milwaukee WI and took a job as a Industrial Education teacher. I thought my performing days were over. However, when I went to sell some of my equipment I ended up hooking up with some guys who wanted to try and form a band. We did and we called ourselves Barry's Truckers (to long of story to go in to.) We were a cover band playing oldies. We started out as a simple 5 piece band but over the years it expanded into a full blown 7 piece show band. I sang and was the front man for the group. I was fortunate to have worked with some real great musicians over the years. During that time we became very popular in Wisconsin and Northern Ill. We played nightclubs, many outdoor festivals, made television appearances and won the Wisconsin Area Music Award for the best nostalgia band. We also became the major go to band as an opening act for national oldies acts that came through our area. We opened for The Beach Boys, The Everly Brothers, Ricky Nelson, Paul Revere and the Raiders, the Grass Roots, and the list goes on and on. So I was a weekend warrior. Teacher during the week and rock and roller on the weekend.

During this time Barry's Truckers was fun and paid well but I always had this drive to do something different. So over the years I've also been involved in and have recorded with several side projects. The names are Paul Barry and the Remnants, The Convertibles, The DuoTones and Paul Barry and the Del Reys. And not to forget, that after not seeing each other for 40 years the Benders reunited 2 summers ago to record a new version of Can't Tame Me and write two other new songs and release a new 5 song CD. With the side projects we did some of my originals and some obscure covers. We didn't make much money but we sure had a great time.

In 2007 after 36 years with Barry's Truckers I ended the band and moved to Florida. Couldn't take those Wisconsin winters anymore. I still perform locally in a duo doing the oldies and I'm continually working in my home studio on my original material.
For my latest project I reunited with the original guitarist from Paul Barry and the Del Reys, Ryan Rosseo, and we recorded a brand new rock and roll CD in Nashville.

Well that's my story and I'm sticking to it. Hope you enjoy the site and hopefully the music.

Never to old to rock and roll!

Paul Barry